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Fantasy Champions from Around the Ancient World Set Two Up on Kickstarter

Fantasy Champions set two is now up on Kickstarter. After a first, successful Kickstarter campaign, Nick Ryan and Menhir Games are at it again with a whole new group of minis. An interesting part of this campaign is that when you get your mini, you'll also get the 3D files for it, so you can print out your figure in a different scale, if you so choose (if you have a 3D printer, yourself, or you can take it to one of the many 3D printing services that are popping up these days).
The campaign's a little over half-funded with still 25 days to go.

From the campaign:

This campaign's minimum funding goal of $3,150 will be used to produce at least 3 "Champions" in white metal pewter for 28mm -non heroic- scale wargaming. Accompanying the main goal, there are 5 more potential miniatures to be produced as stretch goals so far, with the last stretch goal being a mounted human champion that, if unlocked, will be free for "Pack of 12" pledge level backers. This is the second set of miniatures in a complete line from Menhir Games' fantasy world background.

Each miniature will come with either a 25mm round, 25mm square, or 30mm round pewter metal base (size survey sent after pledge). They have a small area in which you can write the name of your character and exalt them to that hero level!

This complete line of miniatures, with faction names and designs are part of Menhir Games' fantasy world background in which further miniatures and rules for wargaming as well as detailed settings for RPG games, will be released.

As an extra, we included a pledge level that grants the backer the official 3D file of the miniature he/she chooses from the designs of the previous campaign or this one, allowing them to 3D print in any size and material they want from any of the online 3D print services around the web, such as "i.materialise" or "shapeways".