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FangirlNation Magazine 24 hour Games Event Happening This Weekend

Do you think you could play games for 24 hours straight? I'm pretty sure I could've back in the day. But now that I'm 73, I really don't think that's so much in the cards anymore. However, the folks over at FangirlNation Magazine and The Brookhurst Gamers are going to be doing it. And it's not just for "funsies." They're doing it for charity, and you can help out.

This weekend, starting on the 7th and ending on the 8th, the groups will be running a live-broadcast gaming event. You can watch them here when things get started. But it's more than just sitting around and watching other people play games. There's also a charity auction that'll be going on. What's the Charity? The Children's Hospital of Orange County. That link there is where you can go and donate, if you so choose (and we all really hope you do choose), even if you can't participate in the event.

Should be a good time had by all.

FangirlNation Magazine Website.