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Fanfare Games Launches WWII Card Game Kickstarter

Fanfare Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for WWII: The Card Game.
You magnificent bastard! I read your book!


From the campaign:

WWII: The Card Game is a highly strategic two-player tabletop card game. Players choose to play as either the Axis or the Allies in an attempt to best their opponent and become the winner of World War II. Each side has its own unique themes and strategies, and cards come with an allegiance-specific card back so players know which cards belong to each side. Prior to the game, players build their own 60-card deck utilizing the card pool for their chosen side, selecting one of the three primary nationalities they wish to feature. For the Axis side, players will have the choice of Germany or Italy in the Premiere Set (offered in this Kickstarter), with Japan to come in the first expansion. For the Allies, players will have the choice of Great Britain or the United States of America in the Premiere Set, with the U.S.S.R. to come in the first expansion. While players will choose one primary nationality, there are no limitations to using other nations in your deck, meaning you may mix your German and Italian units to build the best deck you can.