Fan Norse Warhammer army released

Norse Warhammer armyThe Battle Reporter website has posted a fan-created Norse army list for Warhammer.

From their announcement:
Mathias (one of the Battle Reporter forum moderators) has gone and done it again – another awesome army book . If you like drinking and fighting and… well drinking and fighting while setting your hair on fire then this could be the army for you.

The Norsemen (and unfortunately, even some Dwarfs – booo .) from the icy north include all manner of rather aggressive units. Largely frenzied, with the ability to counter-charge (an interesting new army wide rule), they make for a fearsome and almost fearless enemy.

Bondsmen, Marauders, Reavers, Seers, Whalers, Valkaries, Giant Wolves (and Werewolves), Frost Giants, Huscarls and of course Berserkers. There are 27 units (including special characters) and the army complies with all the normal Warhammer rules.

If you’re looking for something new it’s viewable online or downloadable – for free.
All we ask is that you post your comments or, even better, some play testing feedback to the Battle Reporter forum
By the way, the army book is totally unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop – I just thought I should mention that .