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Fallout Board Game Now Available

We blew it up!
Us maniacs!
We blew it up!
Damn you, Todd!
At least, we did in the Fallout universe. Now, we have to learn to live in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. So grab your Nuka Cola and puppy friend and be careful of The Final Pam. The Fallout board game is now available.

From the post:

A chill has begun to creep through the air, and though the crisp winter wind doesn’t bite quite as hard as deathclaws, it does serve as a sharp reminder that the holiday season is just around the corner. We could imagine, though, that with all the irradiated creatures to fight and faction wars to settle, you may have been a bit too preoccupied to notice, so we’re here to help!

In this handy-dandy gift guide, we’ll give you ideas of some things that you can find lying around on the tabletop that will serve as perfect gifts for each of your favorite Fallout companions. More of a Lone Wanderer? No problem, you can just keep them for yourself! However you choose to spend the holidays, the fun surprises below are sure to warm your heart, even in the chill of the nuclear winter.