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Fallen Frontiers previews new mini

Fallen Frontiers is showing off the mini for their Fink Draad model they've been working on.


From the post:

Greetings Fallen Frontiers Fans!

Today we wanted to share with you Fink Draad, one of the most masterful tacticians of the RIFF Vengeance.

Fink Draad is one of the few survivors of the slaughter on Hellion Prime committed by the Sayx Corporation. He escaped the battle with serious injuries and put himself in hibernation on a ship to reach his home galaxy and spread the news of what happened.

During the re-conquest of the Hellion system he showed that his tactical skills were matched only by his thirst for revenge.

Now he is in charge of ground operations of all Riff contingents in our sector. Revenge continues and Fink is its instrument.