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Fall of Fae, a new fantasy minis game, up on Kickstarter

Fall of Fae is a new fantasy miniatures wargame up on Kickstarter and they're looking for some funding. Go check it out and maybe pitch in a couple bucks.

From the project:

This project's goal is to produce a beautifully simplistic miniatures war game ruleset in book form, with enough depth so as not to become mundane. The rules are completely based on a six sided dice system. I think alot of problems with many miniature wargames is that they are far to complicated for the casual player. Along with the normal skirmish rules, I have also developed a set of "campaign" rules for a risk-like, map domination version of the game.

The back story, the races, the factions and the characters in the game setting are based on folklore of the british isles. There are 6 factions in the game. Each sports a number of different races. The Unified Fae (Faery's, Elves, Brownies, Sylphs), The Marshland Pact (goblins,hobgoblins, trolls ,darrigs,boggins), Dwarven Alliance (iron dwarfs,surface dwarfs, tash dwarfs), Drakin Kinship (Dragonaughts, Pteronins, Lyglins,Gornaks), Firbolg Revival (Firbolg,Gnomes, Lannan-Shee, Humans, Merrow), The Underhorde (Fomori, Sliag).