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Fall Issue of Casual Game Insider Now Available

So, I just had a 3-day weekend. So the regular Monday posts weren't around, like I'm sure you were going to be looking for. Face it, I can't always be posting news (as much as I'd like to sometimes). So, how do you fill up the hours in-between my posts? I suggest a gaming magazine. And the Fall issue of Casual Game Insider is now available for your reading pleasure.

In this issue:

10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower is a new set collection game by Daily Magic Games that is quick yet strategic.

Plus: highlights from Gen Con 50 and Origins 2017, how abstract games can offer a rewarding gameplay experience, crowdfunding catastrophes (and how to avoid them), an interview with Kingdomino designer Bruno Cathala, and how IELLO's passion and creativity beautified the board game world.

This issue also features reviews of Kingdomino, Amalgam, Herbaceous, Castles of Caladale, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Element, and Imagine.