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Faith Sci-Fi RPG up on Kickstarter

Burning Games is running a Kickstarter for Faith, their new sci-fi RPG game. The game uses its own system, which is card-based rather than dice-driven (or diceless for you Amber fans out there). Characters are special people, chosen by their god, to carry out their war with the other gods.
The campaign is looking to raise £30k, and they've got 26 more days on the clock.


From the campaign:

The Universe of FAITH is shaped by a transcendental and earth shattering fact: Gods are real; and they live side by side with technology and biological experimentation.

These Gods are in constant conflict with each other, although they can only affect reality through their believers. They choose characters that behave according to strict moral codes and support them in their struggles, empowering them with divine rewards that can break the laws of physics.

A thousand years from now humanity drove itself to the point of almost extintion and was enslaved by the Corvo, a hypertechnological and ever expansive species that now uses them as mercenaries and soldiers. For a long time the Corvo were the most powerful civilization in the known universe, and they expanded unopposed through the "Labyrinth", a massive web of wormholes with hundreds of exits. Then they came across the Iz'kal, a species whose civilisation and power matched their own in might and prowess. When it became clear that war between the two species would lead both of them to total annihilation, a truce was signed.

Now the two species fight a cold war for the control of the Labyrinth, while humanity struggles for survival.