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Faith Sci-Fi RPG Books Now Available Online

The folks over at Burning Games have been working hard on their FAITH sci-fi RPG. Now, the fruits of that labor are available to you. They've got 3 new books up online for your downloading and playing pleasure. They're the Core Book, Tiantang (the first official adventure for the setting), and their Deluxe Art Book. You can get them all for a special price now.
Plus, just for you faithful TGN readers, they've given me an exclusive preview pdf from the Rulebook to share with you!


From the announcement:

• FAITH: Core Book is the cornerstone of the FAITH experience, a 440 page-long tome that includes 300 pages of setting filled with adventure seeds, full 2.0 rules of the revolutionary RPG Engine, character creation for four different species, rules to customize and play your own spacecraft, an introductory adventure to get you started and over 120 NPCs and pieces of gear.

• FAITH: Tiantang is the first official campaign sourcebook for FAITH, focused on what is arguably the setting’s most important location - the Tiantang dyson ring, capital of the Corvosphere, home to the greatest starfaring species in the universe - the Corvo - and headquarters of its rulers, the almighty Megacorps. It features 100 pages of Tiantang-specific setting, over 20 new NPCs, dozens of story seeds and a play-ready adventure that takes place in the crowded, 0G streets of the megacity.

• FAITH: Deluxe Artbook is a complete artbook that showcases more than 3 years of hard work well spent to create the universe of FAITH by a team of more than 35 illustrators. It includes commentary by the art director and the illustrators behind some of the most memorable scenes, as well as many sketches and WIP pieces to showcase the creation process of the art.