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Fairytale Games posts massive update to their Miniatures Campaign over on Kickstarter

Fairytale Games has made a massive post about their Miniatures Campaign over on Kickstarter, including details about new reward tiers, exclusives, stretch goals and more.


From the tip of the iceberg of an update:

Hi Everyone and thank you for waiting for our very late update! As you know, there has been a mountain of requests for various items from our previous campaigns, some dubbed exclusives, some not. The past few days, we opened the doors for comments and discussions about this to see which direction we wanted to head. Our goal has always been to not only create and awesome game, storyline, theme and product, but also give you, our backers an experience during our campaigns that you'd remember. We're not trying to change how Kickstarter Campaigning works, rather create a Fairytale Universe that respects and takes care of our family.

With this said, let's get this show on the road!