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FableSmith launches Hylaria board game Kickstarter

FableSmith has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Hylaria, their new board game. In the game, teams create secret codes (the message is all scrambled, it's actually from Thompson, not to him) in order to keep their tiles secret, while trying to figure out what tiles your opponents have. That's the base game. There's also Hylaria Quest, which is sort of a "Memory" style game with a little twist on it.
The campaign is set to run for the next 29 days.

From the campaign:

Like the name suggest, Hylaria is a game that invites you and a group of friends (or strangers) to have a wonderfully idiotic time. Set in a world that makes little sense, teams of players try to telegraph the content of their cards to their mates, without their opponents finding out what they mean. Taught in under a minute, but endlessly replayable because the game taps into the creative nature of human beings.

As a bonus, with all the contents in the box, you will also be able to play Hylaria Quest, a colorful and fast-paced game for anyone age 6 and up!