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Fabled Environments Launches Their First Kickstarter: 100-store, 2-story mall map

Fabled Environments has launched their first ever Kickstarter for a 100-store, 2-story mall map, good for all sorts of minis gaming.

From the campaign:

Launched on August 16th, this project is for a .PDF of a map of a 100 store, two-story mall that is over 750,000 square feet. The map will have three anchor stores, multiple shops of various sizes and a small, five vendor food court. One of the anchor stores will be detailed while the remaining two have been left to the GM to customize using a sheet of fixture icons, which can be printed and placed in a blank anchor store or shop to create a custom space.

Since many mall stores are designed in a similar fashion, four different store floor plans will be provided in order to flesh out the mall where needed. The entire map of the mall will be provided in 1?=5? scale and stretch goals will expand and flesh out the mall to help create a bigger and better map for players and GMs alike.

For more information, please visit our page on Kickstarter.