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Fabled Environments has new Arctic Research Station map available

Fabled Environments has a new map available: The Arctic Research station. Beware of dogs. They may not be what they seem to be. (though I guess that'd be antarctic, but still...)

From the release:

Fabled Environments is proud to announce the release of their lastest map, Nevicata Arctic Research Station on

Designed originally as an arctic research station, this building is perfect for any extreme weather. With its modular design, this structure can meet the needs of both big and small research projects. In addition, the adjustable pylons supporting the structure can place the structure at ground level or as high as ten feet in the air to avoid large snow and sand drifts as well as flooding. The station consists of a single story research facility and a two-story living pod that can be combined together to create the size station that you need.

The Modern Floorplans series from Fabled Environments offers gamers high quality maps in a variety of configurations:

•Want to draw it out yourself? Use the 8.5x11 map as a guide.
•Want to simply drop the map on the table and play? Use either the full-scale map (if you have access to a plotter printer) or print the tiled version on regular paper and assemble a full-size version yourself in a matter of minutes. Both versions are scaled at 1 inch equals 5 feet.
•In addition, each floorplan also comes in versions without room labels and without furniture.
•This flooplan take advantage of both the Layers feature and the Tile Large Page function of Adobe Acrobat X

Note: All floorplans are rendered in black and white.

All maps are created by an architectural drafter using AutoCAD