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F.A.T. Mats available for pre-order

Frontline Gaming and TableWar now have their F.A.T. Mats available to pre-order off of the Frontline Gaming website.


From the announcement:

Hey everyone, TableWar and Frontline Gaming are beyond excited to finally be unveiling our new wave of F.A.T. Mats to you! You’ve seen the teasers of the mats, now prepare yourself for the full frontal assault! The mad geniuses over at the Tablewar design studio have outdone themselves with these new F.A.T. Mats.

These have been in production for the past 6 months and after much work, adjustments, travel and logistical wizardry, we’re ready to deliver more great gaming mats to you all. These new F.A.T. Mats will allow us to bring the quality and convenience of the F.A.T. Mat to new game systems and provide more variety for systems we already work with.

If that doesn’t already get you pumped, then check your pulse because you may already have been removed form play after a failed save! These mats will be available for pre-order Monday, November 10th through the Frontline Gaming web-cart. Currently these new mats are only available in the North American web-store, but will be available in the Australian and UK web-carts soon.
These mats will ship in the first week of December.

We also want to take the chance to mention an exclusive, limited edition bundle deal. The upcoming X-Wing Armada game is designed to be played on a 3×6? surface. We have designed a bundle set of mats that provide you with two, 3×3? mats that can be used individually or be tiled together to form an epic sized space scene! One of the mats in the bundle is ONLY available in this limited special, so don’t wait to grab it as they will sell out.

But that’s not all! We want to hear your ideas for new mats and we want to give one lucky gamer a FREE mat! Everyone that goes to TableWar and Frontline Gaming’s Facebook pages, likes the page and leaves us an idea for a new F.A.T. Mat design you’d like to see, will be entered into the contest. We will select one of the suggestions based on community feedback and our opinion as to it’s cool factor and so long as that person liked both Facebook pages, they win a F.A.T. Mat of their choice for FREE! Sweeeet!*

So get excited as I know we are! Thanks for reading and happy gaming.
TableWar Display Case and Unit Trays

Also please note, the promotional period of giving away the new, high quality F.A.T. Bag for the mats and bag tag will be coming to a close at the end of this month. The F.A.T. Mat + F.A.T. Bag will be $10 over the cost of the mat, itself. So take advantage of those savings while they last!