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EZPainter Having a WWII Commissions Sale

So you've got a bunch of Flames of War, Bolt Action, or some other WWII game's miniatures sitting around. You've been meaning to get them painted, but you've never gotten around to it. Well, to help out, EZPainter is having a sale on all WWII commissions for the next couple days.

From the announcement:

For a limited time EZPainter is offering 15% off all WW2 themed commissions (any scale, brand or game!) until the first of next month.

There are two notes
1. Deposits must be paid before the deal ends (simple)
2. YOU CAN mix this deal with other deals...meaning that with the new reduced price army deal you could get 100 miniatures painted for a crazy bargain price!

Jump on over to the site, rummage in your lead box and sling a contact message over.