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Eyecon Coming To Sydney Later This Month

The convention season isn't just in one location at a time. These things are happening all over the world. One place I'd love to get to at some point is Australia to check out all the gaming that goes on down there (and to see if it really is like Men at Work says it is). Well, if you are going to be visiting Sydney later this month, you could stop by Eyecon, their tabletop RPG convention.

The event is taking place at the St. Scholastica's College from March 25-28th (taking advantage of the long Easter weekend). They've got over 55 different events planned (besides just hanging out and talking gaming, of course). There's going to be events for RPG-ers and LARP-ers. Come and learn to paint. Play in a super-game of 5th edition D&D with 100 other players. Play in a one-shot game where you're a Fox News anchor (yeah, that sounds interesting).

Every Bruce and Sheila is invited, so stop by.