Extreme Earth dystopian super hero Kickstarter running now

Extreme Earth has a Kickstarter campaign running for their new dystopian super-hero RPG.


From the campaign:

EXTREME EARTH: A DYSTOPIAN SUPERHERO SETTING is a supers campaign setting inspired by the Iron Age of Comic Books as well as recent television shows like HEROES, ALPHAS, and 24. It takes our world and imagines what it would be like if suddenly some people developed Super Talents (i.e. superpowers) in a world that has far fewer natural resources than our own. Then, it adds a layer of paranoia and corruption which affects all levels of society, which in turn leads to conflicts that further expend those limited resources. It blurs the lines between government, corporations, and the media, so every nation, corporation, and individual is out for themselves. It is a dangerous world where combat can be deadly even for those who possess superpowers. The result is a dark, dystopian world that isn’t too hard to envision within the realm of possibility.