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Extra-Dimensional Publishing launches Adventures in the East Mark RPG Kickstarter campaign

Extra-Dimensional Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Adventures in the East Mark, their new translation of the Spanish RPG.


From the campaign:

Three decades ago, many of us were able to experience the thrill of buying what was likely our first role-playing game. Back then, the games often came in a beautifully covered box set.

Adventures in the East Mark is faithful to the canons that define the swords & sorcery genre, given the technological and social components of the civilization described, and the supernatural elements permeating the whole, are only perceivable to a small minority of its inhabitants (the adventurers). It is also true that there are elements of high fantasy in the setting. We could say that Adventures in the East Mark stands at the crossroads of classic swords & sorcery and high fantasy.

By enlisting incredible artists that are now rising stars in the RPG industry such as A.J. Manzanedo, the team produced an incredibly captivating "retroclone" that is much more than just that. It takes the old rules and wraps them in an amazing and rich setting.