Explore the Two New Epic Tournament Formats for X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games gives us a look more into the new Epic formats for X-Wing in the wake of the release of the Medium Transport.



From the post:

The Rebel Transport Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ is here!

Now available at retailers, the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack introduces the game’s first huge ship, as well as its first Epic Play experiences, and that means it’s time to take another look at the game’s official Epic Play tournament rules!

In our previews of the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack, we looked at how the GR-75 medium transport utilizes a new maneuver template and new rules for “energy,” we looked at its escort X-wing and the four talented pilots who arrive to fly it, and we looked at the Epic Play missions in the Evacuation of Hoth campaign.

Today, we continue our exploration of the “Epic” new experiences the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack introduces by examining the two different Epic Play tournament formats introduced in the Epic Play tournament rules: Epic Dogfight and Team Epic.