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Exodus Wars Royal Empire Assault Squad released

Steel Crown Production have released the Royal Empire Assault Squad for their 6mm Exodus Wars sci-fi range. Royal Empire Assault Squad From their announcement:
The Royal Empires Assault infantry is among one of its most dangerous fighting units. Soldiers over the years, who have served with distinction and courage maybe given the honour of joining the glorious ranks of the Empire Assault Companies. Allowed access to superior weapons and training as well as actual body armour. The R.E troopers devotion to their masters is now matched by the weapons that they wield. Playing a close combat role as well as being able to bring devastating fire power into the war zone. Blister includes, 4 Assault troopers with Chaingun, 4 with Cannon, 4 Assault Srgt's and 8 Troopers From the base each figure is 8mm