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Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire hits the final stretch; 10 days to go

Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire has only 10 days left to go on IndieGoGo. If you're looking to support the project, now would be the time.

From the campaign:

The Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire campaign on Indiegogo has entered "the last mile", being down to the final 10 days of its campaign.

Producer Mark Sheppard said "This is where the action is. If you've decided to support us, but you've been holding fire until the last stretch, NOW is the time to show your support for Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire by buying a perk." He cheekily adds "I can recommend the $25 Beta perk, which entitles you to early access to the game (without any kind of pressure to actually help us with testing—you can pretty much just enjoy the game and play other Beta participants before the mainstream gamers get online)."

If you've been umming and ahhing about backing the campaign, but leaning toward buying a perk, Mark recommends the $10 perk that gets you the game at a low price. "You probably spilled more than $10 worth of coffee last week. Please back us!" he exhorts.

If you have friends who are undecided on whether to back this campaign, or who are just as-yet unaware of it, Mark says "NOW is the time to apply MASSIVE AMOUNTS of peer-group pressure and guilt them into contributing to our campaign so that we all get to play EW:FE much, much sooner!"

Mark reminds us that, whether or not our campaign succeeds in netting the funding required to enable us to focus full-time on developing the core game, Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire is guaranteed to ship—eventually. How soon "eventually" is, though...that's in the crowd's hands now.

"We'll of course continue to lobby this great wargaming community right up until the end of our campaign," Mark added, "but be assured (or possibly annoyed) that we will continue to update you all on EW:FE's progress after the campaign, when it hits Alpha and Beta, when it gets previewed by journalists, when we start offering the game for Pre-Orders, after the game ships, and well after you're all completely sick of hearing about anything to do with Exodus Wars: Fractured we're respectively both very glad we can do that for you but also somewhat apologetic (sorry, but we just can't help ourselves—the game is TOO AWESOME!)."

To those who have backed their campaign already, Membraine offers their sincere and heartfelt gratitude. To everyone else, they say they still love you—just not quite as much as those who have already backed them.

"But please GO NOW to our campaign page and buy a perk so that can be rectified."

Membraine's campaign to crowd-fund Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire ends at 11:59pm PT on Friday July 20th.