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Exodus Wars Edenite Jump Troops released

Steel Crown Production have released 6mm Edenite Jump Troops as part of their Exodus War range of sci-fi miniatures. Edenite Jump Troops From their announcement:
Steel Crown Productions is very happy to announce the arrival of the Edenite Jump Troops. The latest release for Exodus Wars Edenite range. As the tide of iron rolls over the battlefield, Edenite Jump Infantry swiftly moves to occupy objectives and seize ground ahead of their comrades indomitable advance. Equipped with short ranged and melee weapons, they are ideal for lightning fast raids. Outside of the battlefield, they are released upon civilian populations as the ultimate in terror weapons. They leap from building to building, bearing down on civilians and then infecting them with nanites to promote the spread of the zombie infection. Any attempts by the civil authorities to stop them are swiftly countered with overwhelming force. Pack Contains: 50 models (including 4 jump infantry variants)