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Exclusive International Tabletop Day Items Available to Pre-Order

There are a lot of holidays throughout the year (heck, as I mentioned earlier, it's one here today in the US). But there's only one holiday that's specifically all about gaming. And it's not just one country's holiday. It's everyone's! It's International Tabletop Day. And it's been growing with every year. This year, you can even get some exclusive items. Just ask your FLGS to put their name on the list to get the box of goodies.

From the announcement:

This year, we’ll have five exclusive products you can buy at your friendly neighborhood gaming store on April 28:

A copy of Sparkle*Kitty with variant box art by Breaking Games
Sagrada Promos by Floodgate Games
Wonderland (an exclusive game) by Renegade Games
Action Cats ITTD expansion by Twogether Studios
ITTD Promo Pack by Fireside Games

If you want to pick them up on ITTD, make sure you tell your friendly local gaming store to order these items from their distributors by March 16 so they can have them in their stores the week of April 22. You can also remind your FLGS to register their ITTD even on to stay up to date.