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Exclusive Infinity Model to be available at Battle Foam booth at GenCon

Battle Foam will have an exclusive new Infinity model at their booth at GenCon Indy this year. Check it out.

From the notice:

Hello Gamers,
We are happy to announce a very special early release that will happen at GenCon in Indianapolis this summer.
The great guys at CB really want you to stop by and say hi. Take in a demo or check out their great display at the Battle Foam booth.
To make it special they have designed a really amazing box set that will feature an awesome TAG with an additional Girl Model.

This will be a box set that will be available later in 2012 for everyone to purchase, but we will have a small quantity on hand at GenCon only at the Battle Foam booth.

The box set will be a mercenary choice that will be very appealing.

Prices and details will be made available as we get closer to the con.