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Exclusive demo of Dwarf King's Hold board game this weekend

Mantic Games will be demoing their upcoming fantasy boardgame Dwarf King's Hold this weekend in the UK. From their announcement:
It’s a bumper weekend of events with shows at Dark Sphere and Hammerhead. 12th Feb – Dark Sphere Following on from Jake and Ronnie’s introductory video, Chris will be heading over to support Dark Sphere’s Mantic Day and will be running two world exclusive demos of the Dwarf King’s Hold board game. These will be held at 12 and 4 o’clock respectively, so if you are in the London area and want to catch the first glimpse of what the new rules play like, then get over to Dark Sphere. In addition to this, Dark Sphere also has a number of Abyssal Dwarf sets several weeks earlier than the release date, and there will be Kings of War demos and a tournament too. 13th February – Hammerhead, Newark Ronnie and Josh will be attending the Hammerhead show in Newark on the 13th and are bringing with them all the latest boxes and the Kings of War demo gear, meaning you can be taken through the rules and get to play with the Mantic studio figures. It also means you can talk about all things Mantic with the Boss too. Mantic are further supporting this event and have donated a Mhorgoth’s Revenge Fantasy Battle Set, the contents of which will be painted up by Precinct Omega across the day. If you want to see some painting wizardry and what an expertly painted Mantic army looks like with your own eyes, then make sure you go say hello to the guys here. For full details on this weekend’s events, please visit our Events Diary.