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Exclusive Art Preview For Faith Sci-Fi RPG

The folks at Burning Games are continuing to burn bright over on their Faith RPG Kickstarter campaign. They have passed their funding goal (Woo!) and are now working on making it to some stretch goals. They've posted up a list of the first of those goals. They've also sent me a piece of artwork that you can see here for the first time. Check it out below.

Since the Knight has existed for almost two centuries, and his identity is unknown, most Iz’kal assume the hood and title are passed on from one anonymous leader to the next. The Current Knight is no less bloodthirsty than his predecessors, and calls for nothing but the utter destruction of the Iz’kal State.

Among other things, the IFF pushes for a stop to genetic modification, and an extermination of all ‘variant’ Iz’kal subspecies, claiming that artificial evolution is a mockery of Kaliva’s will and ‘impure’ Iz’kal are abominations that must be culled. This, of course, has severely limited the IFF’s popularity at the Iz’kal colonies.

As always, our eternal thanks for letting us be the first to show that off. Anyway, as for those stretch goals:

- €45,000: 30 extra pages for the core book.
- €50,000: a new NPC deck featuring 54 important and famous people in the universe of FAITH + 30 extra pages for the core book.
- €55,000: 30 extra pages for the core book.
- €60,000: a new sourcebook focused on Tiantang, the capital city of the Corvo. This book will be unlocked as an add-on and it will feature a cross section created by master Hans Jenssen, author of most of Star Wars' feature cross sections.

We want to bring FAITH to the next level, and that's why we have commissioned an impressive cross section by mr. Jenssen for the Tiantang sourcebook.

On the same line, the core book itself will feature an illustration by Tu Bui, creator of the cover image of Titanfall 2

The campaign's got 8 days left if you want to get in on the action.