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Excalibre Games running Sherlock Holmes 2nd edition card game Kickstarter

Excalibre Games is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the 2nd edition of their Sherlock Holmes card game.
Holmes seems to be a popular subject matter this week.


From the campaign:

In this game, 3-8 players play detectives trying to arrest a villain. Secretly, one of the players is the villain, and the other players must try to deduce who it is and play an Arrest card to catch them. The villain's goal is to use all of their cards, and then discard their Villain card to escape. Players earn points for either making an arrest, or escaping as the Villain.

Sherlock Holmes, the Card Game was originally published in Europe and sold out very quickly. Now, for the first time, this classic game will be printed and available in North America.

Substantial enhancements have been made to the rules and graphics.