ex-illis Soffrances Tactica available

A new PDF based tactica article for ex-illis is now available for download (PDF link). This new article covers the Soffrances faction.


From their announcement:

Want to know everything about the Soffrances? The story, the gameplay? This 6 page article if full of tips and details.

Soffrances are hulking monsters filled with dark essence causing torment to everyone around them.

Soffrances are walking mountains of Hit Points and can take a massive amount of damage before going down. This enables them to do things that simply would not be possible for other units, like taking a clean hit from a heavy cavalry charge and fight on.

Most of the effects Soffrances have are zone-wide and do not differentiate friends from foes. An obvious example of this is the
fact that Soffrances drain the life force out of every other miniatures in the same zone, ally or enemy,and this, from their very first turn.