Ex-illis releases their new model Lucifer

By TGN Ross
In News
Jan 26th, 2012

Ex-illis has posted their newest release Lucifer, The Fallen Angel.

  • Ken

    I went to play Ex Illis the other day and the iPad version doesn’t work anymore. I think it has a problem with iOS 5. Not a good sign.

  • lordofexcess

    These guys screwed up with making a game that you need a PC to play. I love the idea of that but I think if they’d just have had a basic printed ruleset that people could use instead of the PC version on a permanent basis they might have sold the game a bit better. The quality of their minis are awesome, their prices aren’t that bad at all. I really had hoped they’d have made a go of this. Ya they are putting this model out … but looking on their forums, and just the banter around the net … does anyone actually play this game? The entire staff got let go. I’m wondering if this model wasn’t just already produced. Ah well hopefully they find a way to turn things around because they sure are making some beautiful minis at reasonable prices. On that note I think I’m going to buy some now … maybe my tiny contribution will help :/

  • Repeter

    Yeah, I never saw anything from these guys I didn’t like, from a quality standpoint. That terrain board alone almost made me drop the dough.

    The connection to a mobile device should have been a peripheral to the minis game; like a stat tracker or online version of the game. As it was, the product limited its already limited potential audience.

    Great minis, though.

  • Is anyone playing this game?

    In short – yes.

    We have a thriving and growing community of gamers in the UK (with a tournament being held next weekend)

    Yes, things have slowed down on a development front since the Bastion guys went part-time – there are still developments and new units in the pipline, and the incompatibility with the iOS.5 operating system is an issue (which they are working on)

    However, the reliance on a PC to ‘number crunch’ actually means that many subtle factors are brought into play in the game. It was always going to be a ‘marmite’ game – but its still my favourite Fantasy big-battle game.

    BTW, the picture doesn’t giv ethe scale of this model – it’s 28mm, but the actual model is about 45mm tall – he is a deamon price, after all…

  • MadNes

    I love this model. Lucifer is the greatest beat stick in any game ever… but he is so hard to win with.