Ex illis now available through Alliance

Gamers will now be able to order Ex illis from Alliance Game Distributors. From their announcement:
Alliance Game Distributors and Bastion, Inc. are proud to announce that Alliance will be distributing Bastion’s groundbreaking new fantasy miniature wargame, Ex illis, which releases to the public at the end of June. "The game itself is amazing," said Mike Webb, VP of Marketing and Customer Service for Alliance. "The addition of the software element allows for a substantial increase in options available to each unit – the software handles all of the complexity of the rules interaction and math. That leaves players free to access more strategic and tactical opportunities without consulting pages after pages of charts and dice rolls. This game is the first I have seen to successfully blend the physical and digital in an engaging and most of all fun way." For more information about the Ex illis Universe, gameplay Tacticas and video demos of the game, go to www.ex-illis.com