Ex illis Emissarius free tryout

Bastion have added the Emissarius model to their free Ex illis trial.

emissarius trial

From their announcement:

Call the beast and start ravaging the battlefields!

You have eagerly waited for it and here it is. Ex illis is proud to announce that the Emissarius is available for free tryout. Ex illis players will have the privilege to add the Emissarius as a tryout unit to their musters starting today.

See how you enjoy slaughtering your enemies with our demonic monster before you purchase it, and keep your earned experience as you decide to finally integrate it to your Ex illis collection.

The huge demon will be kept under a reasonably low price of $49.95 MSRP. Due to shipping delays the release date is postponed to November 5th.

Lucifer is also joining the ranks with this great update, so all our lucky Bleeding Edge Knights will finally get the chance to bring to life their hard earned limited edition miniature on the battlefield.

The new software update, free as always, comes with many new improvements.

See for yourself: http://www.ex-illis.com/