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Evolution 2nd Ed. and Flight expansion to launch at Gen Con

North Star Games is going full-on with their game, Evolution. For those that enjoy the game, you'll be glad to know that North Star has decided to continue to support it for at least the next decade. Dominic Crapuchettes has said that they'll be putting $10 million and 10 years of product development into the game to make it unlike anything else in the marketplace. If you've not tried Evolution yet, you'll have a chance at Gen Con. They'll also have the first expansion there.

This new edition makes some significant changes from the original. Food numbers have been lowered in order to create more tension, various cards have more synergies added to them, and other cards got background art.

As for the Flight expansion, it adds avian species to the world. These new critters can easily get from place to place, but they require a lot more food in order to have the energy to take to the air.

You can try out both of these at booth #349 at Gen Con next week.