Evil Ponies

Slap Miniatures is looking to expand their pewter ponies line with new Evil Ponies. They’re headed to Kickstarter to get funding.


From the campaign:

Following on from our successful Kickstarter last year; Pewter Ponies, we thought it would be fitting for them to have evil counterparts as adversaries. We’d also asked every backer what they wanted to see next and Evil Ponies came out on top. So here it is!

There is a fair bit of variety here so to introduce the various ne’er do wells on offer we’ve compiled some of the more applicable adventures of Doctor Pones who investigates and introduces the darker side of pony kind to us.

As of this moment we don’t have any finished figures to show you, however as with the previous Kickstarter we plan to have several finished before the end of the project for you to look at and the drawings below will give you a good idea as to what we intend to produce.