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Evil Dead II Board Game Coming To Kickstarter

Evil Dead II Board Game Coming To Kickstarter

Here’s one that, I’m sure, will get a lot of people going, “Oh, I’m soooooo going to be backing that!!”
Space Goat Play has announced that they’re going to be running a Kickstarter campaign for The Evil Dead 2 board game.

Players will take on the roles of the various people looking to survive the horrors of demon attacks as they search for the pages of the Necronomicon. Evil trees, deadites, and other horrors will be all coming at them, looking to turn you into deadites.

“Kickstarter is a fantastic tool not just to fund cool projects but to make fans aware that those projects exist so they can participate in the creation process,” Space Goat President Shon Bury said. “We’ve built a reputation with the Evil Dead books of really being able to please core Evil Dead fans. We’re going to do the same thing with the official board game.”

“Evil Dead is such a great world to work in. Making a brutal survival horror game filled with jokes and exciting gameplay just came naturally,” Evil Dead 2 Board Game Designer Taylor Smith said. “It’s a cooperative game with a twist: Players can turn evil and go after their former allies, who then have to decide to save their Deadite friends or put them down for good and carry on with the mission.”

The Kickstarter campaign will offer both a “normal” and a “deluxe” version of the game. The deluxe comes with extra figures for Ash, Henrietta, and a different box based on the Necronomicon.

I know I normally keep “we’re starting a Kickstarter soon” announcements to the Snippets, but I figured this is one that would get everyone’s attention. The campaign will start in 2 weeks. And don’t worry, if you forget, I’m sure I’ll tell you about it.