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Evil Beagle Games Partners with Robs Gaming Group

Robs Gaming Group has teamed up with Evil Beagle Games for their shows.

From the announcement:

The Evil Beagle is Howling With Rob's Game Group!

“This is just so freaking cool, I had to get involved with it!” That was Sean Patrick Fannon's first words when he became aware of the possibilities the R.G.G. actual play vidcasts represent. Sean is the publisher, lead designer, and chief dog feeder for Evil Beagle Games, as well as a game industry veteran with decades of experience writing and designing RPGs. He's also a huge fan of the ubiquity of social networking technology, and he's a big fan of what Rob and Company are up to.

“This is brilliant – matching actual play vid-casting with genuine relationships with publishers to create dynamic communities of players, GMs, and creators. Just brilliant!” Sean has long been a proponent of the use of technology to promote and enhance tabletop, social gaming, and Evil Beagle Games' partnership with Rob's Gaming Group represents a huge step forward in 21st Century game community building.

“These guys know games, top to bottom – as creators, players, sellers, and consumers.” Sean went on, as he is prone to do. “This is nothing but a win-win scenario for Evil Beagle Games, and I think it's one for them, too. I just hope they don't become so overwhelmed they can't play all the games they want to. I think they are going to be that successful with this.” Sean is particularly thrilled that they will be playing in his magnum opus setting, Shaintar, which ties very nicely into the Kickstarter he has going as of this press release.

Sean finally wound up with, “I plan to be as involved as possible with their vidcasting. As well, since I am in Huntsville and they're not that far away, I may even see if I can weasel in on a session or three. How cool would that be?!” In a more serious vein, Sean sincerely believes in the mission of R.G.G. and looks forward to their growing success. As well, he's sincerely looking forward to putting other Evil Beagle Games product into their hands, both for playtesting and for fun.

Evil Beagle Games is a sole proprietorship publishing operation that specializes in tabletop RPG and other hobby game publishing. The company has plans to expand into other IP maximization ventures, including electronic games, comics, and fiction. Sean Patrick Fannon has been involved in professional game development for most of his life, having worked for such companies as Hero Games, West End Games, White Wolf, Fantasy Flight Games, and Pinnacle Entertainment.
R.G.G. is a group of dedicated gamers in Augusta, Georgia that have taken their game to the next level. For many years now R.G.G. has recruited some of the best players in the CSRA to join their ranks. Members of this elite club of gamers play all types of games, from Role-Playing Games, Board Games, Card Games, Video Games and much more.
As a close-knit group of friends they recently decided to “Level Up” their game play experience when they started broadcasting their game sessions “Live” on Not only can you tune in and watch the game as they play but they also run an open chat room where they are happy to answer questions about the game they’re playing. Through the chat room, they also let the viewers interact with the game by voting on things that happen to some of the players. R.G.G. broadcast live every Tuesday and Thursday night at 9:00 pm EST