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Everything Epic Taking Pre-orders For Big Trouble in Little China Board Game

You were not put upon this Earth to "get it," Mr. Burton!
But what you can get is the new Big Trouble in Little China board game coming from Everything Epic Games. They've started taking pre-orders for it, including for the deluxe edition. In the game, players are working together to take on Lo Pan and his evil gang. But will the forces of good overcome the forces of evil?

From the website:

There is a secret world where ancient evil weaves a modern mystery… they call it Little China. It’s where Big Trouble was waiting for Jack Burton and his friends as they uncover an ancient diabolical plot. The evil minions of the immortal ghost-sorcerer Lo Pan are waiting to chop down the players with axes and guns in dark alleys and all throughout the battle-torn streets of Chinatown. Now, Jack, Wang, Gracie, and the rest of the gang must muster up all of their courage, survive against hordes of baddies, and then face off in a showdown with the darkest demon of them all Lo Pan!