Everything Epic Games posts prototype previews for Secrets of the Lost Tomb

Everything Epic Games has posted up some photos of the prototype pieces for their game over on their Kickstarter page.


From the campaign:

We are in the Prototyping Process of all of the Currently Funded Miniatures from the First Campaign, meaning 1/2 of the Prototyping Process is complete! (23 Sculpts from First Kickstarter, 26 in this new Upcoming KS) This process will be complete ASAP and because of lots of Requests, we’ve asked for Painted Samples as well, so we can show everyone the samples of their painting skills here on Kickstarter!

By the End of August (right after Gencon) All Prototyping should be complete, because as soon as this Kickstarter is Funded, we will begin the prototyping of the new miniatures and we will setup all Painting Proofs as well. This only takes about 10 days (Kickstarter ends 20th, prototyping ends 30th) Then, in order to make the molds for the miniatures, it takes 30 days! Starting September 1st!