Event Horizon: Fleet Battles, coming soon

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May 16th, 2014

Garage Gaming is please to announce Event Horizon: Fleet Battles, their new sci-fi game of space ship conflict.


From the announcement:

Event Horizon: Fleet Battles is a miniatures space combat wargame set in the year 5318. It has been over 3000 years since Terra and the Sol system completely vanished without a trace, leaving humanity stranded in the Mobius system without a home. Before it disappeared, Terra wasn’t much to look at due to years of pollution, caused by the decimation the Psionic Emergence left behind. Most of the privileged had already started to colonize Mars or expand to the Mobius system, but it didn’t change the fact that Terra would always be ‘home’.

No longer bound by one planet, humanity spread out amongst the stars to create multiple empires. Without having a home planet, the history of Terra slowly faded away, and it wasn’t until long before the one common bond everyone shared started to vanish. Despite having access to the vast expanse of space and knowing the devastation of war, humanity had not learned its lesson. It just meant more planets to conquer or destroy. it would only be a matter of time before empires would start to clash with one another.

Humanity had been easy to define because everyone was still ‘human’. Even the psionics who emerged were human. But as some replaced their organs with cybernetics, or gene-spliced themselves with traits of another life-form, the definition of what it meant to be human began to blur. Under the name of survival, expansion, and even evolution, humanity went through changes depending on which empire they belonged too. Soon there were thousands of new colonies, all with their own ideals and beliefs. Some of the empires could no longer even be recognized as human, at least by visual appearances.

Ship Orders

You create ship movement orders utilizing a movement deck for each ship. Each movement deck contains 24 cards that outline the various orders that can be issued to a ship. Your ships movement orders can contain one of each card up to the amount equal to the ships main engine rating. The other player will not know how you plan to move your ship or what movement orders you will assign to it until it comes time to actually move the ships.

Example: Player A controls a ship with 6 thrust. Player A can issue orders by selecting 6 cards or less. You would do this for each of the ships under your command, depending on the amount of thrust of each. Using the diagram below as an example, Player A decides to only issue 3 orders: Main Thrust, Turn Port 30° (turn left), Main Thrust.

When it is time to execute the ship movement during the Movement Phase, each ship before revealing their movement orders will first move the current momentum it has already built up. Currently, it is at a momentum of 2. So it will move 2″ in the direction of their momentum heading. Then you would use use the movement cards, which you already queued up during the Planning Phase, to continue moving the ship.

Example: Player A will now flip the movement cards over revealing the movement orders. Starting with Main Thrust which tells us to move that ship another 1″ forward. Then we reveal Turn Port 30° which tells us to pivot that ship to the left by 30°. The last card is Main Thrust 1 which moved us another 1″ forward. You will notice we move forward towards the direction that the ship is facing.

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  • BaconSlayer

    Plot twist; Terra comes back… …from HELL!

    • I have fond memories of Hellraiser in space. I’m surprised noone has made Xenobites 😛 a thing yet.

    • LOL! No we aren’t associated with the movie. The name came originally from Wikipedia. We do cover the how and why in a Q&A on our website here.

      • Soulfinger

        I thought the name came originally from John Archibald Wheeler.

  • Haibane

    Ship designs seem pretty mediocre – awkwardly proportioned and not at all memorable.

    • That is probably because of the wire frames. We ended up getting mixed results on those. You can see better product shots on the Kickstarter page.

      • KelRiever

        They do look much better on the kickstarted page.

        Now I don’t think ONE SINGLE MINIATURE GAME EVER had a set of rules worth playing, and that is abundantly clear after 15 years of gaming. Having said that, nobody should give a damn about making good rules for their miniature game anymore because people will buy it anyway just on the figures and concept alone. Once you have a loyal fanbase, they’ll argue to the death about how good your game is.

        Then you can update your rules every 3 years with more kickstarters. Players will pay upfront for your production, and you are good to go. I wish you the best of luck, keep churning out awesome ship models and seriously don’t spent too much time on the rules…the more unfair, the more people you will attract to a miniature game.

        • Soulfinger

          Interceptor by FASA. Best space battles game ever made, usually available on eBay for under $20, minis still in production through C in C, and part of an integrated product line that includes Centurion (grav tanks), Leviathan (capitol ships), Prefect (planetary battles), an RPG, and more. Great set of rules and a good setting, Battletech aesthetic with superior game play.

          • KelRiever

            I don’t know…Aerotech was not nearly as good as I thought it was going to be. Basically gave up on FASA after that and the ridiculous version of Battletech (which was when the Clans were added, great fluff, idiot rules)

            Sons were sung about Full Thrust. Turned out not to be so great even with customized ships, because ship design rules made the game even more broke, and standard ship designs were dumb imbalanced.

            I like the old Star Fleet Battles, though it is yet another imbalanced game. At least the mechanics were interesting, but you know, you had to know more than three rules not printed on the back of the card and there are no power combos, so clearly it has no place in the modern game community 😛

          • KelRiever

            But I am dead serious. I hope this company is successful by taking the space community by storm, re-editioning their rules every 2-3 years, slowly inflating the price of miniatures, and coming out with monthly releases with ever bigger ships.

            This is the way you do things now for the people who are left, because once they are fans, they will make up in purchases what the people who won’t play cost a company. You have to get those dollars out of gamers, especially the ones who put the figures on their shelves with dreams of playing games they never will. As long as they like you, you are good to go and I wish this company luck.

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    Just another space Combat Game,oh well…

  • We have officially launched on Kickstarter.

    I hope you check us out and help support us.

  • Stretch goals have been hugely updated and revamped. Add-ons now create new miniatures (outside of the original 30) as add-ons. They also unlock free miniatures for Lieutenant tiers and above.

    I am currently working on getting an updated product shot with everything in the box. We have almost all the fleet pictures up. I need to get images separated into Faction Fleet Starter Sets as well as individual miniature pictures so backers get a better feel of what comes with what. That should be coming in the next day or so.