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European Team Championship 2011

The European Team Championship 2011 will be starting in a few days. From their announcement:
The European Team Championship 2011 takes places from 18th to 21st August in Montreux, the Switzerlands, as part of the Swiss World Expo 2011. The World Expo is an exhibition for historical model figures and scale modelling and an awesome environment for the ETC this year. The ETC will feature a couple of events: On Wednesday/Thursday the Single Championships in Warhammer Fantasy and 40K will be played out. Friday is free for the players to visit the expo and for some rituals in the evening like the Warhammer Ashes - the eternal fight between England and Australia for all the glory. On Saturday/Sunday finally the two team events with 60 teams from more than 35 countries will be held. This is the 6th incarnation of the ETC and everybody is eager to have a lot of fun and get the games started. Only god knows who will win this year after Denmark (WHFB), Poland (40K) and Germany (Overall - The ETC Shield). There are a couple of places you can follow the event: Happy gaming