Eurkea preview Tekumel Demon Warriors

Eureka Miniatures have posted photos of the green for the She?n miniatures from their Empire of the Petal Throne range. From their website:
For fans of M. A. R. Barker’s fantasy world of Te?kumel (The Empire of the Petal Throne) here is a first glimpse of the "Demon Warriors" – better known as the She?n – which will be released later this year. These ferocious reptile warriors from the southern climes of Te?kumel are a little taller than human size, and will be available in armoured and unarmoured versions. Weapons include halberds, axe-swords, lightening swords and pistol crossbows. Sculpted by Alan Marsh, the range covers the various types of She?n foot warriors (with a Berserker), and command figures (officer, musician and standard bearer). There is also a merchant She?n, as well as a diplomat She?n in his distinctive cloak.