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Eureka Wars of the Revolution update

Eureka Miniatures have posted an update on their 28mm Wars of the Revolution miniature project. French Lt Inf Command From their website:
Just in case you were starting to think we had gone a little quiet concerning our 28mm Wars of the French Revolution project (we have not had a new release since February) we thought we should give you a quick up-date and a few pictures. Work steadily continues to conclude all the remaining basic French Line Infantry codes – covering both regulation and ragged campaign uniforms; helmets, bicornes, and bearskins; grenadiers and fusiliers. All the march-attack figures are finished with just a few advancing and firing & loading grenadier conversations to complete. Meanwhile we have been quietly working away at the French Light Infantry to accompany the Line, and we are pleased to report these are also just about ready, covering the Revolutionary Wars from 1792 up to around c.1800. A selection of the forthcoming French Light Infantry 28mm figures are pictured here.
Check out their site for full details.