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Eureka releases 28mm Afghan National Police

Eureka Miniatures has released two sets of Afghan National Police minis in 28mm scale.


From the release:

Kosta has chosen to model the Afghan National Police rather than the Afghan National Army (ANA) because the latter are armed with American weapons, whereas the ANP are armed with Soviet-style weapons. We have had quite a few requests for troops wearing kevlar helmets and flak jackets AND armed with Soviet weapons, so the ANP fit the bill very neatly, as well as being an important addition to our Afghanistan ranges. The helmeted figures can very easily be used to represent any number of modern Arab armies and so Kosta has painted some in cammo uniforms to represent how versatile they are.

Most of the figures are armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles - in this case the Hungarian version, known as the AMD-65.

Weapons from many Eastern European former Soviet satellite states are in Afghanistan and the AMD-65 is very commonplace in the hands of the ANP. One figure in each set of 6 is armed with an AKM (basically a more modern AK47). The usual RPG-7 rocket-launcher and PK machine-gun are also represented.

While in Afghanistan we also have an AGS-17 grenade launcher with Afghan guerrilla crewman. It fires a 30mm grenade and is called the Plamya, ('flame' in Russian) and was first used by the Soviets in Afghanistan where it was soon acquired by the guerrillas and continues to operate in the field.