Eureka release new 28mm Vietnam figures

Eureka Miniatures have released new 28mm Vietnam NVA and Australian SAS figures.

28mm Australian SAS

From their website:

Our NVA set also reflects the range of weaponry used by NVA soldiers. There is a liberal mix of AK47 assault rifles and SKS rifles which were the most commonly carried weapons of the NVA, but one figure carries a French MAS 36. Section support is provided by an RPG7 and a Degtyarev Pakhontnyi (DP) light machinegun. The figures are available in a ten figure set, which includes an officer.

The four new Australian SAS figures include a patrol leader, two additional troopers armed with XM148 and a rare silenced Sterling SMG, and a signaller with radio and M16. We have added these to the Australian SAS set (100NAM09) released earlier this year now making that set up to ten figures. However, we realise those of you who have previously bought the original six figure set might want to obtain the new figures without duplicating the figures you have already bought, so until the end of this year we are offering the four new figures on their own as a separate sub-set (100NAM09a). Those of you who have not previously bought any of these figures but wish to obtain the full set need only order 100NAM09.