Eureka release more 28mm French Foot Artillery

By tgn_admin
In Napoleonic
Mar 1st, 2010

Eureka Miniatures have released new 28mm Wars of the French Revolution French Foot Artillery.


From their website:

Our Wars of the French Revolution range already contains French Foot Artillery crew figures available in a choice of both loading and firing poses, wearing the regulation (smart) uniform for the period. As with the French infantry, we can now offer these same crew figures in the ‘ragged’ campaign uniforms so typical of French armies during the campaigns of 1792-1802. Tatty clothing – supplemented with acquired civilian trousers and waistcoats, plus improvised (or missing) footwear, and an assortment of varied head gear characterise these miniatures.

We have now added an extra variant to the existing code (100WFR109) so a complete battalion gun crew can be formed in regulation infantry uniform, plus a new code (100WFR110) making them all available in ragged uniform versions as well. Gunners in infantry uniforms can also be mixed with Foot Artillery uniformed crews where guns are located in siege lines or behind fortifications. In these situations under-employed infantry were often assigned to the gun emplacements to provide additional muscle to help work the guns.

  • 100WFR105 Foot artilleryman, bicorne, ragged uniform, firing (4)
  • 100WFR107 Foot artilleryman, bicorne, ragged uniform, loading (4)
  • 100WFR109 Infantry Battalion gun crew / labourer, regulation uniform (4)
  • 100WFR110 Infantry Battalion gun crew / labourer, ragged uniform (5)