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Eureka release Martian Fighting Machine

Martian Fighting MachineEuraka Miniatures have released a 28mm Martian Fighting Machine and Martian Cephalopod. From their website:
We are pleased to welcome a new range to Eureka Miniatures from our associates at Ozbattler – who are entering the world of miniature gaming with their first range of models. Victorian Science Fiction is a weird and wonderful mix of 19th century Victorian history and strange science, where steam powered flying machines and landships battle with evil invaders from another world. Ozbattler’s first release is their iconic Martian Fighting Machine. This is a huge resin and metal model kit that when completed stands around 440mm / 16 inches high – towering over the battlefield, dealing death and destruction with its heat ray, or smashing man, beast, and steam tank with its whip like tentacles.