Eureka release 28mm Seven Years War Saxons

Eureka Miniatures have released a large range of 28mm Seven Years War Saxon miniatures.

SYW Saxons

From their website:

Our range includes Musketeers, Fusiliers, and Grenadiers (supplemented with Guard Grenadiers), plus the usual command and musician figures – all available in a choice of either “marching” or “at attention” poses. Amongst the musician figures can found an Oboist and a Bassoonist as well as the drummers and fifers. Cuirassiers, Dragoons/Chevauxlegers, and Hussars are all represented in the cavalry, in addition to some figures specifically designed for the Graf Brühl Chevauxlegers. The Hussars can be ordered in a choice of mirliton or colpack headgear, and both the Hussars and the Dragoons/Chevauxlegers come in dismounted versions for fighting on foot, complete with horse holders. Two items round off the range: a selection of Polish Uhlans (who fought as Saxon allies), and Saxon artillery crew. For their artillery pieces we would recommend the generic guns from our Age of Reason range (see 100AOR31 or 100AOR65).