Eureka release 28mm Modern French Foreign Legion

Eureka Miniatures have released several 28mm Modern French Foreign Legion miniatures.

28mm Modern French Foreign Legion

From their website:

This comprehensive range of figures depicts the Modern French Foreign Legion in both beret and Kevlar helmet, and carrying the full array of current infantry platoon kit and weapons.

The beret wearing figures are closely based on a series of photographs of lightly equipped Legionnaires from 2eme REI (Re?giment Etranger d’Infantrie) on operations in Afghanistan in 2007, while the helmeted Legionnaires are fully kitted out in the very latest protective vest and load bearing gear combinations (Eagle CIRAS) now being used in Afghanistan. For those who want their beret wearing miniatures carrying a heavier load-out, we have extra personal equipment sets in the form of ammo pouches, water bottles and spare rifle grenades which customers can attach to the figures. (Although it should be noted that the lightly equipped, beret wearing figures, are perfectly accurate without this extra equipment. They are typical of the less aggressive appearance adopted by Legionnaires when patrolling ‘low threat’ zones).