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Eureka release 28mm Italian Wars Gendarmes

Euraka Miniatures have released several new packs of 28mm Italian Wars Gendarme archer figures. 28mm Gendarme Archers From their announcement:
As with our Gendarme figures, collectors can order their Archers with either their helmet visors open or visors closed. All Archer figures are supplied with a separate lance carrying arm or an open handed arm which will accommodate one of several alternative hand weapons (swords, maces, battleaxes and horseman’s picks - supplied randomly with each figure). Both lance arms and hand weapon arms can be attached to the figure torso at a variety of angles to make all your Archers different in appearance. Riders and horses are interchangeable allowing for further variety. We are considering producing other miniatures for this colourful period of European warfare (c.1450-1530) if there is enough customer interest and support for them.