Eureka release 28mm French Chasseurs a Cheval

Eureka Miniatures have released a series of 28mm Wars of the French Revolution French Chasseurs a? Cheval.


From their website:

At the start of the wars the Chasseurs a? Cheval wore a Tarleton style helmet, similar to the one issued to the infantry at the same time in 1791. This appears to have been universally worn for the first two years or so of campaigning, but like its infantry counterpart the helmet was never popular and from 1793 the Chasseurs steadily adopted a mirliton style hat which gave them a more dashing, Hussar-like appearance. The mirliton had replaced the helmet by the mid 1790’s and remained the head wear of choice for most of the coming campaigns, but around 1798-99 a few regiments took to a new peaked shako which ultimately replaced the mirliton right at the end of the wars, shortly after 1800. (We intend to offer this shako as an additional variant at a later date).

As well as different headgear you get a choice of jackets / coats. In 1792 most Chasseur regiments were wearing a short jacket called a caracot, similar in style to the Hussar dolman although of a slightly longer, looser cut and invariably not as ornately laced and buttoned. This continued to be worn until the end of hostilities in 1802, so we have provided figures in this jacket wearing both the helmet and the mirliton. However, even at the beginning of the Wars a few regimental colonels preferred their men to be wearing the simpler service coat, or surtout. This was essentially a cavalry version of the infantry’s long tailed coat, which gradually gained popularity amongst the Chasseurs until it overtook (but never entirely replaced) the caracot jacket around 1800. So once again – you can acquire our Chasseurs in this coat in either the helmet or the mirliton as you prefer.